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To date, Red Dream Productions has published 4 crime fiction novels. If reading is your thing (We know it’s not for everyone) Then check out the below releases

John Stewart’s debut novel began life as a short film script, but quickly took on a life of it’s own and demanded a broader platform. Althought John had never before taken on a project as involved, the effort proved worth it as the book quickly hit the Amazon number one best selling spot.

Killer in the Cloud tells the fictional story of Michael Wesley, a Garda working in the Irish town of Kilcrew, Co. Roscommon. Following the death of his boss, Wesley begins to examine the unsolved murder cases of the town, in a bid to save his station from closure. When details of his investigation are published in a local newspaper, Wesley receives a strange package and realises, with the help of an old friend, that there might be more to the cases than meets the eye.

Having caught the bug for writing, John continued working as the first novel was in the final stages of publication. The result was a departure from the previous book and saw John evolve to fully formed author.

​​The Last Resolution is the second book in the Mike Wesley series and follows on from the events that took place in Killer in the Cloud.
Mike Wesley has relocated to London to work as an investigative journalist alongside Rebecca Hollister when he is contacted by a retired Metropolitan Police detective about the possibility of covering a story. This story leads both Mike and Rebecca down a path of lies, lust, revenge and murder.

THE VISITOR is the third book of the Mike Wesley series and links into the world created in the Northern Ireland Screen funded, 2014 short thriller, “Normality.”
​The Visitor sees Mike Wesley and Rebecca Hollister returning to Ireland in the hopes of salvaging what remains of their faltering relationship. Struggling with Mike’s success and lack of professional opportunities, Rebecca takes on an undercover job in the hopes of exposing an apparent modelling agency scam. All the while a new breed of killer is forming an alliance with an old foe of Mike and Rebecca’s, determined to do anything he can to turn their lives upside down.

THE FALLING FIRE is the first book in the Belfast based Detective Olivia Thompson series. The year is 2014 and Belfast based PSNI Sgt. Olivia Thompson has just been promoted to the rank of detective following her transfer from Newry. However, her celebrations are short-lived as just hours later, the city is rocked by explosions targeting three separate
Eleventh Night bonfires. Thrown headfirst into the investigation, Olivia’s headstrong methods inadvertently place
​herself and her colleagues in grave danger whilst unearthing more than she could have possibly imagined.
Readers may remember Olivia Thompson from book 3 of the Mike Wesley trilogy ‘The Visitor’ and this book tells the story of how journey began.